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Locals prep for winter storm; but don't forget best treat

Posted: 9:00 PM, Nov 30, 2019
Updated: 2019-11-30 23:27:44-05

THERE’S ONE THING YOU CAN’T STOP A WISCONSINITE FROM DOING IN THE WINTER, and that’s eating ice cream. — LITTLE SUAMICO (NBC26) - There’s one thing you can’t stop a Wisconsinite from doing in the winter, and that’s eating ice cream.

“When you have a craving for a vanilla ice cream cone, you just got to have it,” said Julie McClain of Marinette.

McClain was with her family as they stopped in Little Suamico to fill up their gas tank ahead of Saturday night’s storm.

“Its winter and we’re in Wisconsin,” she said. “You deal or just move away.”

Other drivers said they’re sticking to their usual routine when we’re about to get a big mound of snow.

“Just getting ready to shovel,” said Damein Winans of Abrams. “Making sure the shovel is out of the shed.”

“Staying warm and driving safe,” added Jordan Schroeder of Oshkosh.

If you are heading out Saturday night or traveling back home Sunday, you can check the latest road conditions at Wisconsin 511.