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Locals finding social distance on a boat

Posted at 10:54 PM, Mar 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-22 23:54:51-04

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) - As some people are sticking inside to help stop the spread of COVID-19, some are hitting the Fox River to get a little rest and relaxation.

“Just to be out of the house and be with some friends, and get your mind off everything else for a little while and just enjoy the outdoors, it’s a big deal,” said John Schult.

“It’s great, you can still keep your distance away from people once you get off the launch, get some good fresh air, hang out,” added Ed Stuczynski.”

These boaters are trying to catch fish and not the corona virus, so they're still doing their part by following safety precautions.

“Well we made sure neither of us were sick or coughing or not feeling good,” Stuczynski said. “We had one guy who was trying to come with us and not feeling good, so we're making sure we're keeping our distance.”

“I think there’s a bit more awareness of being careful and trying to keep as much to yourself as much as possible but still enjoy each other’s company,” Schult said.

Schult said he didn't have any luck catching fish Sunday, but he and his buddies plan to active on the water until the threat of the virus is over.