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Ice dams creating problems

Posted: 10:58 PM, Mar 11, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-11 23:58:37-04
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BROWN COUNTY, WI — If you neglected raking your roof this winter, you might have ice dams that have built-up on the corners of your roof. Today we hear what experts say those dams could lead to as our weather gets warmer.

Ice dams, or solid blocks of ice on the corners of roofs can be seen across Wisconsin right now. And as it warms up those dams have the potential of holding the melted ice now turned into water, on top of your roof and creating serious damage.

Today we spoke with water and mold specialists at CCS Property Services in Ashwaubenon who say ice dams can actually trap the water on your roof. Those specialists say the water can then manage to seep into your shingles and into your home, which creates serious problems. Those experts say the best way to prevent the dams from forming is shoveling the ledge of your roof during the course of the winter, adding at this point there's likely just a couple of days to take care of the problem.

"I think we're in prime time right now for damage because if you look at the weather forecast it's freezing, it's above freezing and then it's freezing… there’s really not much you can do with mother-nature warming things up and thawing and then freezing again," says Jamie Tomchek the Manager at CCS Property Services.

A tell-tale sign you have an actual ice dam, is if you have ice forming or water seeping on the outside wall of your home. Those who know what to look for say a homeowner would likely also see water coming from between the gutters and building.

Today ice dam specialists we spoke with say the best way to deal with an ice dam before the water gets into your home, is to get the snow and if at all possible the actual ice dam off of your roof, before the temperatures get even warmer.