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How to handle an accidental 911 call, according to law enforcement

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Posted at 12:42 PM, Dec 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-29 13:42:47-05

WAUPACA COUNTY (NBC 26) -- Most smart phones have the ability to make calling emergency services easier, but with that comes easier 911 misdials. What should you do if you accidentally call 911?

Waupaca County Sheriff's Office realizes smart phones are only becoming smarter. This includes additional features that help enable people call 911 in emergency circumstances. However, they say this can also become a hindrance if someone doesn't realize they've called emergency services when they don't need it.

The Sheriff's Office says they understand misdials happens and give a helpful list telling people what they should do in the case of an accidental 911 call.

First, and most important, is to stay on the line. They say this makes it quicker and easier for law enforcement to verify there is no true emergency. If you hang-up right away they will respond as if it is a true emergency.

Second, the dispatchers will have a few questions which is why staying on the line is important. Questions will include your location, name, and a confirmation you are safe before hanging up.

Third, they give a reminder that even deactivated phones have the ability to call 911. Make sure to keep an eye on children playing with mobile phones since even if the cell phone is unable to make calls to other numbers, it can still dial 911.

Lastly, they say if you really do have an emergency to stay on the line so they can help you!

If there is a situation that requires law enforcement but is not an emergency, search for your local police department's non-emergency number to be able to report. Some departments also have a phone app to download and make anonymous tips on incidents in your area.