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Green Bay Police get mental health crisis training

Posted at 6:29 PM, Mar 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-04 19:29:03-05

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Police are getting training to help people with mental health issues.

The Green Bay Police Department is training dozens of its officers in crisis intervention. It's a week-long training course where mental health professionals train officers on how to identify mental illness.

“It’s not like people who have a mental illness walk around that have a sign,” said Captain Jeremy Muraski. “In fact, with the stigma around mental illness a lot of times people don't even want to admit if they do have a mental health challenge, so it trains the officers how to look for those signs and symptoms and maybe understand is this person I’m dealing with have some kind of mental health challenge."

Captain Jeremy Muraski says this training has been proven to reduce the need for officers to use force. 64 Green Bay officers are now certified in crisis intervention training.

Captain Muraski says he hopes to have one officer always available who's had the crisis training.