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Current list of road closures due to flooding for Friday, March 15, 2019

Road closures due to flooding
Posted at 12:41 PM, Mar 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-15 15:50:39-04

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. — Current Closures per Shops:


· Allouez Av from east river to Bellevue St


· Holmgren/Hansen

· Vanderperren/Oneida


· S Huron Rd between Eaton Rd and E Mason open with lane restrictions

· Bower Creed Rd between Wayside Rd and Paris

· Eaton Rd between Ontario and S Huron

· CTH GV between 172 and CTH G

· Hoffman from East river to Bellevue St

· CTH XX (Bellevue St) from CTH O (Allouez Ave) to STH 172


· Southbridge from American to Lawrence closed


· Blahnik @ Cth P

· CTH T from H/E Townline Rd to CTH JJ


· Creekview at Big Apple Rd

· Sunnyview Rd between Dickinson and Morrison

· Morrision Rd between CTH X/CTH OO

Green Bay

· Mason st between Baird and Bellevue


· Holly-Mor Road from Man-Cal Rd to Wayside Rd


· Norfiled/Veterans

· Valley Ln


· N Michaels Rd around the area of Luxemburg Rd


· Ledgeview/Creamery

· Ledgeview Rd from Creamery Rd to Winding Waters closed TFN per Ledgeview DPW

· Kaften Rd from GV (Monroe) Creamery

· Creamery Rd closed from Ledgeview Rd to Dickenson (G)

· Both ends of Winding Waters Way


· CTH G from CTH W to CTH W/Queens Rd

· Pleasant View rd from Mill Rd to Lark rd (STH 96) per MOFD Chief


· STH 29EB ramp to STH 32 (Pulaski) exit 249


· Wrightstown Rd between River Oaks and STH 32/57 (Greenleaf Rd)


· Wayside Rd between Morrison Rd and Stone Rd

· Wayside Rd between River Rd and Bocks Rd

· Bocks Rd between Wayside and Hill Rd

· River Rd between Wayside and Man-Cal

· Man-Cal Rd between River and Sunny View

· Queens Rd between Dickinson and CTH W


· Wrightstown Rd between River Oaks and STH 32/57 (Greenleaf Rd)

· Partridge Rd between Tetzlaff Rd and STH 32/57 (Greenleaf Rd)

List of roads that are flooded….. (and per 4i just keep a running list and email to shops at end of shift for tomorrow)

1. 4050 phillips rd

2. Gauthier/n sugar bush

3. Meadowlark between Greenleaf and zz

4. Townline/Allen

5. Mercier/CTH K

6. Ledgeview/East of Creamery

7. CTH JJ/Buyarski

8. STH 32 SB near Pulaski ½ to ¾ road covered in water

9. Costco Way/Town Hall Rd in Bellevue

10. Town Hall/CTH R, New Denmark

11. STH 96 west of Lark

12. Hazen/Allouez

13. Finger Rd/S Michiels

14. Morrison/Pleasantview on both sides of road

15. S CTH T/Park Rd in New Denmark

16. Bottom of ramp EB29 to NB32

17. 3135 Man Cal Rd to west of this address near Triple J Wing and Clay

18. High Water at Milltown Rd

19. Evergreen west of Glendale

20. Glendale near Spring Green Rd

21. Lime Kiln/Klondike

22. Lebrun/East River Dr

23. Finger/Water Division Rd

24. Maribel/CTH T, Neshota River rising making in impassible

25. STH 96/Pleasant View Rd

26. CTH C/County Line Rd, south of County Line Rd on C

27. 3058 Mercier Rd

28. Mill, east of CTH PP

29. 5380 W Town Hall Rd, west of this address

30. Thornberry Stables-Brookwood Cir

31. Little Rapids by BridgeW of this

32. Goodell/Cass

33. Grant/Mid Valley

34. East river drive from ridgeway to Hoffman

35. Emilie park is flooded backed up to the east river