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Update: Roads closing due to high water

Posted: 10:55 AM, Mar 14, 2019
Updated: 2019-03-15 06:45:46-04
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BROWN COUNTY, Wis. — Here is an updated list of road closures and flooding in Brown County as of 4:05 a.m., March 15, 2019:

Current Closures per Shops:


* Allouez av from east river to bellevue


* Holmgren/Hansen

* Vanderparren/Oneida


* S Huron Rd between Eaton Rd and E Mason (in the city)

* Bower Creed Rd between Wayside Rd and Paris

* Eaton Rd between Ontario and S Huron

* CTH GV between 172 and CTH G

* Lime Kiln from Klondike to Daly Dr

* Lime Kiln from CTH GV to Windy Acres Way

* Hoffman from East river to CTH GV

* CTH XX (Bellevue St) from CTH O (Allouez Ave) to CTH XX (Hoffman Rd)


* Southbridge from American to Lawrence closed


* Blahnik @ Cth P


* Creekview at Big Apple Rd

* Sunnyview Rd between Dickinson and Morrison

* Morrision Rd between CTH X/CTH OO

Green Bay

* Mason st between Baird and Bellevue


* Norfiled/Veterans


* N Michaels Rd around the area of Luxemburg Rd


* Ledgeview/Creamery

* Ledgeview Rd from Creamery Rd to Winding Waters closed TFN per Ledgeview DPW

* Kaften Rd from GV (Monroe) Creamery

* Creamery Rd closed from Ledgeview Rd to Dickenson (G)

* Both ends of Winding Waters Way


* CTH W between Morrison Rd and Park Rd

* CTH G from CTH W to CTH W/Queens Rd


* STH 29EB ramp to STH 32 (Pulaski) exit 249


* Wrightstown Rd between River Oaks and STH 32/57 (Greenleaf Rd)


* Wrightstown Rd between River Oaks and STH 32/57 (Greenleaf Rd)

* Partridge Rd between Tetzlaff Rd and STH 32/57 (Greenleaf Rd)

* Mallard Rd between CTH ZZ and STH 32/57 (Greenleaf Rd)

List of roads that are flooded….. (and per 4i just keep a running list and email to shops at end of shift for tomorrow)

1. 4050 phillips rd

2. Gauthier/n sugar bush

3. Meadowlark between Greenleaf and zz

4. Townline/Allen

5. Mercier/CTH K

6. Ledgeview/East of Creamery

7. CTH JJ/Buyarski

8. STH 32 SB near Pulaski ½ to ¾ road covered in water

9. Costco Way/Town Hall Rd in Bellevue

10. Town Hall/CTH R, New Denmark

11. STH 96 west of Lark

12. Hazen/Allouez

13. Finger Rd/S Michiels

14. Morrison/Pleasantview on both sides of road

15. S CTH T/Park Rd in New Denmark

16. Bottom of ramp EB29 to NB32

17. 3135 Man Cal Rd to west of this address near Triple J Wing and Clay

18. High Water at Milltown Rd

19. Evergreen west of Glendale

20. Glendale near Spring Green Rd

21. Lime Kiln/Klondike

22. Lebrun/East River Dr

23. Finger/Water Division Rd

24. Maribel/CTH T, Neshota River rising making in impassible

25. STH 96/Pleasant View Rd

26. CTH C/County Line Rd, south of County Line Rd on C

27. 3058 Mercier Rd

28. Mill, east of CTH PP

29. 5380 W Town Hall Rd, west of this address

30. Thornberry Stables-Brookwood Cir

31. Little Rapids by BridgeW of this

32. Goodell/Cass

33. Grant/Mid Valley

34. East river drive from ridgeway to Hoffman

35. Emilie park is flooded backed up to the east river

Brown County Emergency management is reminding drivers to Turn Around, Don't Drown - If you are driving and come to standing water on a road, or water flowing across a road, don't drive through it.

Due to the rapid melting of snow in the recent change in temperature, also, rain upon frozen ground, flooding is occurring on many Green Lake County roadways.

Hard closures are occurring currently at:

- Cth. H south of Sth.44 east of the Village of Dalton.
- Cth. B in the Village of Kingston, at Sth.44, north to Cth.H/Cth.KK
- Cth. Q south of Sth.44 to Cth.JJ, west of the Village of Fairwater
- Cth. J east of Cth.CC/St. Maire to Cth.A (north of Green Lake)
- Cth. T at Suglarloaf Rd. (west of Green Lake)
- Sth. 44 under the railroad bridge in the Village of Dalton
- Spring Brook Rd from CTH A to Bluffton Rd Town of Berlin

Additionally, Sth.23 at Cth.TT, also Sth.23 east of Cth.W, between Princeton and Green Lake, has partial lane closures.

Other pending of water has occurred on local roadways. Motorists should use extreme caution when traveling and be prepared to stop or avoid adverse roadway conditions.