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Brides still waiting for their deposits from the Darboy Club

Posted at 6:39 PM, Jul 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-11 19:39:31-04

HARRISON, Wis. — Couples who booked the Darboy Club for their weddings say they are still waiting to get their deposits back.

The Darboy Club shut its doors for good last month and said people would get their money refunded.

"I don't really like my gut right now," said Lacey Popke who booked the venue for her wedding this October, "It's just the little thing in the back of the head. What if they...what if I don't get my money back. How else am I going to pay for the wedding?"

She's not the only one waiting to get her $600 back.

"She never received any notice from Darboy Club as far as calling or a note or a letter or anything, social media, nothing," said Mark Gidlof whose daughter, Melissa, booked the venue for her August wedding.

"She has to send another mailing out to these ones that are coming. My venue has changed. So extra postage. It's money that wasn't included in the budget," said Denise Gidlof, Melissa's mom.

Both parties said after the 57-year-old supper club announced it was closing for financial reason, they tried to get answers.

"I called them a week before the end of June, and they told me that it's currently tied up with the lawyers, that we would get our money back here soon, but it's now been two weeks since then," said Popke.

The Gidlofs told us Melissa went to the Darboy Club when she found out it was closing.

"She wanted to have something in writing saying she's getting her deposit back, and they said, 'No, we aren't doing that,'" said Mark.

Mark also messaged the supper club on Facebook. The message he received from them said, "We're working on getting deposits back as soon as we can. I spoke to Melissa last week and have her address."

We also tried to get answers. We reached out to Mark Tatro, the co-owner of the Darboy Club. We were told our message was given to him, but have not heard back.

Both parties were able to find new venues last minute, but it's still the stress and the expense that's making planning a wedding that much more difficult.

"Everybody has bill and with a wedding, you have a lot of bills," said Denise.

"600 bucks is a lot, and I don't want to be out 600 bucks," added Popke.