Life-long Packer fan now in Texas helping raise funds for cancer research

Bruce Hermans, a Luxemburg-native and now Texas resident, is running the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon in May on behalf of a teacher, Allison, at the school where he is vice principal.
Allison was diagnosed with as diagnosed with rare and aggressive Stage 4  tongue and head and neck cancer in January 2017 and after brief remission was diagnosed again in March 2018. It was then that #run4Allison was born.
Hermans, a die-hard Packer fan living in Cowboy country, set up competing fundraising pages for people to donate – one for Green Bay Packers and one for the Dallas Cowboys. The "winning" page will determine what jersey he wears on race day and all funds will be donated to Allison and oral cancer research. To donate, click here.
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