Jordy Nelson's Community Impact Carries On

GREEN BAY, Wis. - He came from Kansas State in 2008.

A decade later, Jordy Nelson's Green Bay career is over for now. But it's likely that a decade from now..his legacy will still be felt.

"I've seen Jordy and Emily do so much for our community," Young Life Green Bay Area Director Heather Faulkner said. 

Nelson and his wife Emily spent ten years giving back to Green Bay. Fans saw it at his annual charity softball game. Money raised from the game goes to Young Life Green Bay, an organization pairing adult mentors with local students.

"To see that he cares enough and that his wife cares enough to pour into these kids and make sure that they feel loved and special is a huge deal for our kids," Faulkner said.

Nelson's work with the organization goes beyond the softball game. He and his wife have mentored a child for more than three years.

"They've given their time, talent, treasure, they've given kind of everything they are to us and to the organization," Faulkner said. 

Not just one organization but several. The Nelson's have been advocates for child adoption. Faulkner says when he injured his ACL, Nelson filled in as a substitute teacher.

"He's all in," Faulkner said. "Just like he is on the field, he's like that in real life."

And the effects of his commitment will carry on. The softball game has been so successful that money will continue to be available to help kids. It's all because of a farm boy from Kansas, who's now forever a part of Green Bay.

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