'It's just getting crazy:' Wisconsin couple survives deadly Las Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS - A couple from Wisconsin was in the middle of the chaos Sunday night in Las Vegas, attending the concert where a lone gunman opened fire and killed 59 people while injuring more than 500.

Danielle Gottlieb and her husband Eric, who live in Whitefish Bay, were not hurt in the shooting, which is now being called the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

"It's just getting crazy," Danielle said. "There's too much of this stuff happening. It just shouldn't be like this. It's not the way we were raised and I'm not even sure why this is happening."

The Gottlieb's were in Las Vegas for the country music festival and told NBC26 they're lucky to be alive.

The couple was in the VIP seating area to the right of the stage when they heard noise and at first, thought it was firecrackers.

"Jason Aldean was on the stage and looked up to his left, he kept playing and then right after that you heard a long round of them and at that point you knew what was going on," Eric said. "Just immediately knew. Security guys running up and we said let's get the hell out of here right now."

They both ducked low and ran, making it behind a wall, Danielle said.

"Just kind of laid there, listened to the shots and every time there was a pause in the shooting we would get up and run," she explained.

Her husband jumped on top of her to protect her, he said.

"There was nowhere else to go, nothing else to do," Eric said. "It was all I could think to do." 

The couple helped two people who were shot, encouraging them and helping them to safety. Danielle said they've constantly been thinking of them and hopes they're OK.

They eventually made it into the lower level of the Tropicana.

"Tons of people in there, 10-15 people shot," Eric explained. "Traces of blood and puddles of blood everywhere in there."

The Gottlieb's have a few bruises and scrapes, but otherwise are physically doing well. They plan to fly back to Wisconsin Tuesday.

The gunman has been identified as Stephen Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, Nevada. Authorities have not determined what motivated him to open fire on the crowd at the concert, killing 59 people and injuring at least 527.

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