Intense Spring Snowstorm Totals Continue to Increase

Powerful April Snowstorm Brings High Totals

The second snow storm in the first half of the month continues to dump heavy snowfall over Northeast Wisconsin. We have already accumulated over a foot of snow along and north of Highway 29 yesterday from the first wave and now we are expecting another intense round of snow throughout the morning and afternoon this Sunday. 

Snowfall totals are reported near two feet in parts of Shawano County.  Green Bay has 15.2" which continues to increase its total for the all time snowiest April storm on record. Totals by the time the storm is done are expected to be near or exceeding 20 inches. This will put it on the top 3 biggest snow storms ever observed in Green Bay.

Did you notice how much of a lack of snow we have had this winter season up until April 1st? Did you also feel that we had half of the seasons snowfall in the last 15 days? If you asked yourself those two questions and noticed those two trends, you are correct. We are now above average for the season and nearly 50% of the snowfall this season has occurred in the first half of April! 

Road conditions remain ice covered, snow covered, or travel not advised.Additional snowfall of 4-10 inches are expected by the time the heavy snow ends later tonight. Blizzard Warnings and winter storm warnings remain in effect until midnight tonight.

-Meteorologist Gino Recchia

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