Hunters head to the woods on opening day

SUAMICO, Wis. - The much-anticipated gun deer season finally kicked off early Saturday morning.

It brought a lot of excitement (and gunfire) into the Wisconsin woods.

A few lucky hunters got to bring a deer out of those woods. One hunter said he bagged his first deer in 15 years. Before today, he considered calling it quits. Now, he wants to head out again this season.

Hunters are also dealing with some new changes this season. They are no longer required to put a carcass tag on deer, but they'll still have to register the deer once shot.

The other big change is the removal of the state's minimum hunting age. Hunters gave mixed reviews to that decision.

"It gets more people in the woods," hunter Tad Edges said. "More younger people so they can learn the trade of actually hunting."

"I don't like seeing younger kids stumbling with loaded rifles," hunter Steven Edges said. "Maybe once you're sitting, then it's okay."



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