Gun control rally held in aftermath of Las Vegas shooting

Oshkosh, Wis. - A group in Oshkosh demonstrated outside Senator Ron Johnson's office on Tuesday in response to the tragedy in Las Vegas that left 59 people dead.

Rally organizers said they wanted to honor the shooting victims as well as push for changes to gun laws. More than 40 people attended.  They called their demonstration a "die-in", because they read aloud those who died, and then laid on the ground.
They filled out forms in Senator Johnson's office and voiced concerns and said they wanted tougher gun laws.  They then marched to the sun dial on Main St. where they paid tribute to the 59 people killed and 527 others injured in the Las Vegas mass shooting.
Organizer Ann Muenster believes more needs to be done to protect our communities from gun violence. 
"We're asking Senator Ron Johnson to take responsible steps to pass legislation that will protect people from gun violence,” said Muenster.  “Gun violence is preventable and he needs to take responsible action."

We spoke with Mike Shea, with the Family Shooting Academy in Bellevue.  While his heart goes out to everyone impacted by the Las Vegas shooting, he said the issue isn't guns it's the people using the guns.

"We do need to enforce the laws that we already have on the books,” said Shea.  “That's one thing we need to do. We need to look at mental health issues and find out what was the motive behind this.  Is there something we need to do in that area?"

Shea believes stricter gun laws wouldn't have changed anything, but Muenster said she has concerns about two bills in the legislature dealing with gun silencers and permits.

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