Gulfstream expansion creates 200 new jobs

GREENVILLE, Wis. - Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation has announced a big expansion that will create 200 new jobs.

Governor Scott Walker and other lawmakers joined Gulfstream leaders on Friday as the company unveiled a $40 million project. They're building a new 180,000 square foot service center at Appleton International Airport. It will include a new hangar to be used for repairing and refurbishing business jets. 

Gulfstream is headquartered in Georgia, but leaders said the Appleton area was an easy choice for the project.

"We love to invest in the markets where we already have a presence, so we've got 800 great employees here. It's been a fantastic experience for you and we just wanted to build on that success," said Derek Zimmerman, President of Product Support.

With the expansion, Gulfstream's local workforce will grow to over 1,000 employees. They plan to work with area technical colleges and schools this year to start hiring technicians and support staff.

"It's not just about jobs. It's about careers to the extent that we can get our young people interested in careers that can keep them here in the state. That's a bonus for all of us," said Governor Walker.

The company plans to break ground on the new facility in May. It should open for business in the second quarter of next year.






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