Green Bay Police: Imposter posing as water department employee robs resident

Posted: 3:19 PM, Apr 04, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-04 20:22:54Z

Green Bay Police say they’re investigating two reports of a man pretending to be a water utility employee in order to get into people’s houses. 

Officers say the incidents took place on Donlin St. and Junpier St. 

The man talked to the residents and told them he worked for the water department, according to a press release. The suspect told residents he needed to read their water meter. 

Police say one victim let the suspect in their home. The suspect then told the male victim to watch the meter. Once the suspect left, the victim reported items stolen to police. 

Officers say one victim described the person as about 50 years old, wearing a tan jacket and possibly in a green truck. The other complainant said the suspect was around 30 years old, five-feet-six-inches tall, medium build, blonde hair and wearing a yellow jacket. 

Police say it’s likely two people are working together. 

Capt. Kevin Warych says legitimate Water Department employees will have proper identification. He says people should never hesitate to call the department to verify an employee or the police department if anyone feels there is a suspicious person or situation.