First dog exercise park opens in Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Dog owners and their furry friends celebrated Thursday after the first dog exercise park of its kind opened in Green Bay.

The fenced-in dog park is located at Whitney Park in downtown Green Bay. It will allow dogs to be off their leashes. There are no other parks within city limits that allow for that.

Those living near Whitney Park said it provides many opportunities for people to socialize their dogs and also spark conversations between people. 

"This is a great thing for our neighborhood," said Garritt Bader, President of the Whitney Park Neighborhood Association. "It's another amenity that makes people want to live here, want to be here, want to hangout here. It's supporting businesses and the area as a whole. It's another one of those quality of life things people look for."

For more information on the park, click here.

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