Fans weigh in on Packers-Bears rivalry


Packers fans always want to see their team win, but beating the Bears is just a little extra special for most.

A little beer, some food and of course some team spirit gets fans ready for the rivalry game.

"They've had their rivalry for so long, you've got to come watch the game and cheer them on," said Diane Fritsch.

"It's just the camaraderie with all the friends and we a lot of times either do it at home or at a bar," said Cathy Kobylinski.

Even when the Packers aren't playing at Lambeau Field, fans tell us when they see jerseys and shirts, it fills them with pride.

"It's just great. You just, you don't have that anywhere else you go. You can go out of the state anywhere and you'll find people with Packers jerseys on," said Cindy Hoeft.

Hoeft pays extra attention to the game when her team plays the Bears.

"My son in law is a bears fan, he's from Illinois. So the packers just have to win or I will not live it down," said Hoeft.

Hoeft keeps bragging rights over her son-in-law and other Bears fans, including Jason Hoel, who says he appreciates the game.

“It's always a special feeling when they play each other. It's like no matter what the records are it's always a fun game,” said Hoel.

Hoel says Packers fans generally keep the rivalry friendly, even though they get to celebrate another season sweep.

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