Emily Beier and Husband expecting first child

Posted: 8:21 AM, Oct 02, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-02 14:19:50Z
Emily Beier and Husband expecting first child
Emily Beier and Husband expecting first child

NBC26 Today reporter Emily Beier and her husband Steve are expecting their first child this March.

              "We're beyond excited. Getting to this point hasn't been easy, but thanks to the many doctors and nurses that helped us this past year, we've been able to make our dreams come true," said Emily.

Emily and her husband tried to conceive for about two years. After suffering two miscarriages, they decided it was finally time to explore other options.

               "It's a terrifying experience. I am so happy to be past it, but looking back it was a rollercoaster of emotions and I never realized how much of my life would be consumed by alarms going off on my phone and having to rush to find a place where I could take an injection or make sure I took a certain pill," said Emily.

In January of 2018, Emily and Steve began seeing Dr. Frank Wittmaack at the Aurora Fertility Center at  ¬†Aurora BayCare Medical Center

               "It was an easy decision after meeting with Dr. Wittmaack that this was what we would need to do to have a family. We know we're not alone in that. It was truly the most comforting experience to walk into their office and see a wall of baby photos from past IVF and IUI success stories. The idea that we could someday be one of them truly kept me going," said Emily.

Emily started her first round of IVF in late winter/early spring, but unfortunately the process didn't work.

                "We didn't even make it to transfer. We were devastated, to do all the shots and the pills just to leave the hospital with nothing was unbearable. I was out the rest of the week after the first procedure to just heal physically and mentally. I'm so thankful for my team at NBC26 for giving me the time to just focus on that instead of worrying about getting back to work right away," said Emily.

Emily and Steve agreed to try one more round of IVF. They had a successful embryo transfer in July.

                   "I couldn't be more thankful for the compassion the nurses at Dr. Wittmaack's office showed me. Everyone there, from the front desk to the embryologist. I feel your body can only do so much, but with their advice and encouragement I knew we would be successful and we would make it to where we are today because of them," said Emily.

Emily and Steve hope to share more about their experience with NBC26 in the coming months.