Dressing room video suspect has Friday court date set

Appleton, Wis. - A court hearing for a man accused of planting a hidden camera in a store's dressing room is scheduled for Friday.

Andrew Persen,28, has been charged with 10 felonies.

He posted a $10,000 cash bond according to court documents.

Appleton neighbors on Thursday reacted and authorities provided an update.

People living in an Appleton neighborhood were surprised to learn that the person accused of placing video cameras in a Target dressing room lives so close to them.

"It makes me worry because I was recently changing in Target between the month of April on, and if I find myself on camera that's going to make me feel totally embarrassed," said Crystal Martelli, an Appleton resident.

Appleton Police said a man posted a video of his friend online.  Police said that 28-year- old female victim was told about the nude video of herself being online.  Authorities said they investigated and also found victims at the Fox River Mall Target.

"That's not something that's very common around here," said Jeason Thomas, another Appleton resident.

Lieutenant Mike Frisch said authorities contacted the internet provider that had the video posted and upon request they took the video down.

"Our hope is that it was posted to this site and not re-created and that we caught it in time," said Lt. Frisch.

We reached out to the suspect's lawyer. She declined to comment.

Sgt. Michael Fitzpatrick of the Outagamie County Sheriff's Office said they are working to identify possible victims as they come forward.  He said so far they have had contact with approximately ten individuals concerned they may have been victims in this case.

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