'Dillon's Law' passes Wisconsin Senate

Posted: 6:22 PM, Oct 31, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-01 00:17:37Z

A potentially life-saving drug could soon be more widely available in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Senate passed "Dillon's Law" Tuesday. The bill is named after Dillon Mueller, a Mishicot teenager who died from a bee sting in 2014.

Since then, his family has worked to make sure no other family in Wisconsin has to go through the same tragedy. Dillon's Law would allow anyone trained to administer an EpiPen for someone having an allergic reaction to do so wherever they are.

The state's current law only allows people to administer an EpiPen in approved places.

Dillon's mother, Angel, said their community has rallied around their family throughout the years-long process.

"It's really neat to have that support, to know that you're not alone in a struggle that really could have turned out to be completely devastating to any other parent," Angel explained. "But we have a mission and we're doing the best we can to accomplish that mission." 

Angel has begun teaching classes to get people certified to use an EpiPen. If Governor Scott Walker signs this bill, the class will give them legal ability to administer an EpiPen anywhere.

The bill will now head to Governor Walker's desk. The Mueller's said they've reached out to Walker's office to see if he'd sign the bill at Mishicot High School, Dillon's alma mater.


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