Deputy unintentionally shot by Sturgeon Bay officer

Posted: 7:35 PM, Dec 18, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-19 15:14:07-05

Police say a door county sheriff's deputy got accidentally shot by an officer in Sturgeon Bay Monday morning. 

The Department of Justices Division of Criminal Investigation is looking at the same incident but for different reasons. 

"As is normal procedure, the Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation, is handling the discharge of the firearm," Sturgeon Bay Police Captain Dan Brinkman said. 

The discharge was an unintentional shot fired from an officer that police say hit a Door County sheriff's deputy in the thigh. 

The deputy went to the hospital and has been released. 

The officer who accidentally shot him is now on paid administrative leave. 

"I have not talked at all with the deputy," Brinkman said. "I did talk with our officer involved, and as you can imagine, is quite shaken up, and not here at this time." 

Police say officers responded to a domestic dispute between father and son and found a 26-year-old man, the son, with a knife. 

After talking with him, tasing him, and taking him to the floor, officers say they tried to get handcuffs on the man. 

They say another officer, not part of the arrest procedure, accidentally had his gun go off. 

Police say they believe the officer who's gun went off had been trying to shoulder his weapon when it unintentionally fired. 

Police are not yet releasing the names of those involved.