Defense presents its case for Manitowoc doctor's federal trial

Posted: 8:08 PM, Nov 16, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-17 02:08:20Z

The federal court trial for a Manitowoc doctor is expected to wrap up Friday.

Dr. Charles Szyman pleaded not guilty to 19 federal charges of unlawfully prescribing prescription pain killers.

Thursday the defense finished cross examining the prosecution’s last witness, a doctor who said Szyman overprescribed patients. 

The defense then cross-examined him and called their first witness, Doctor Szyman's nurse, who said patients had to sign an opioid agreement.
The defense asked for the case to be thrown out, but the judge declined.

"The judge has proposed that good faith is important in this case and I think in the end we're going to be able to convince this jury that this doctor did act in good faith to the best of his ability and that he's not guilty of a crime," said Lead Counsel Beau Brindley, for Szyman's defense team.

Prosecution declined to comment.

Closing statements and jury deliberations are set to start Friday.