Debate over immigration at state capitol


There was debate at the state capitol Thursday morning during a discussion over immigration.

Before the sun was up, a school bus headed to the state capitol was almost full.

"This bill will separate families, will cause fear in our families. Personally, I don't want that for my own family,” said advocate, Alma Torres.

She and her group Voces De La Frontera boarded in green bay, on a mission to tell lawmakers that sanctuary cities are a necessity.

"I don't want my family to think that the ones that are here to protect them as our officers, the ones that are here to, you know, take protection of the city, are the ones who eventually may destroy our lives, may destroy our future,” she said.

Republican senators say it all comes down to safety, and removing immigrants who create problems.

"If we look the other way, for individuals that are repeat violent criminals, it makes absolutely no sense to continue to allow that repeat violent, criminal to continue to do what they are doing,” said Sen. Van Wanggaard, a Republican from Racine.

Governor Walker isn't saying whether he supports the bill.

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