Crews ready to face winter storm

Posted: 8:54 PM, Apr 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-13 01:54:10Z

The Brown County Public works department starts winter with three big sheds full of road salt.

Now, in April, they're down to less than half a shed with salt, and that could all be used in this upcoming winter storm.

Crews said Thursday that they are bringing in more salt from Milwaukee.

They are confident that there's enough snow to effectively cover the roads, as long as this is the last storm.

Crews are also preparing for changing conditions through the weekend and any possible periods of intense snowfall.

Officials said they'll be keeping a close watch on conditions.

"Especially if it turns from rain to freezing rain, that can happen really quick, so we just want to monitor that, get ahead of it and call our crews in when they're needed," Public Works director Paul Fontecchio said.

Officials say it's those changing conditions when the roads can get really bad.