City Council approves Lakeshore Golf Course sale to Oshkosh Corporation

OSHKOSH, Wis. - The Oshkosh City Council approved the sale of a popular public golf course to Oshkosh Corporation in a bid councilors say was hard to turn down.

The decision was announced to a packed council chamber Wednesday night.

Lakeshore Golf Course has been a landmark in the city for over 90 years.

"My dad worked up there, my brother worked up there, I worked up, and I know so many people that played there. I will miss it," said Rodger Schuhart.

Now the land will house Oshkosh Corporation's new headquarters. The Fortune 500 company is a landmark institution in the city.

City leaders said they had to focus on jobs and couldn't afford to potentially lose the city's marquee employer.

"It sends a signal that... we recognize the value of our leading employer," said Jason White, of the Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Council. "They have a $150 million dollar supply chain in our community."

The city will get about $3.5 million in the deal, while Oshkosh Corporation will get about $6 million in tax breaks.

2017 is the final year of golfing at the course.




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