Celebrating 'Fat Tuesday' and tradition with polish paczkis

PULASKI, Wis - It's an annual tradition that puts the diet on hold.

'Fat Tuesday' is recognized the day before the Lenten season begins on Ash Wednesday.

Many like to celebrate with overindulging on Tuesday with King cakes, sweets and treats, but a traditional polish treat promises to delight the sweet tooth and offer well wishes for the coming year.

       "Paczki in polish means, little package, so we're sending little "well wishes" with every customer today." said. Greg Smurawa of Smurawa's Country Bakery.

Hundreds of people from across northeast Wisconsin and beyond travel to Pulaski to enjoy the treat from a family recipe that is more than 80-years-old.

The family says last year they sold 36,000 paczki's on Fat Tuesday. Smurawa says on any given day they sell between 15 to 20 dozen paczkis. 

Smurawa's Country Bakery is located at 204 E. Pulaski Street street in Pulaski. The store typically close at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, but will stay open till about 7 p.m. so everyone gets a paczki on Fat Tuesday!


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