Card 'shimmer' device found at Green Bay ATM

Posted: 11:12 AM, Oct 12, 2017
Updated: 2017-10-12 22:12:06Z

A card "shimming" device has been found at an ATM on Green Bay's east side near Main Street and Mason Street.

Bank staff found the skimmer in the ATM, which is attached to the bank building. Normally, investigators find skimming devices on the inside of the ATM. However, this "shimmer" was found within the card reader of the ATM.

The investigation showed the suspects came to the ATM around September 26, but put the "shimmer" in a week later.

The "shimmer" is a thin piece of metal with a chip reader component readable through Bluetooth.

The device was put into the card slot, and a camera was placed on the top of the ATM which captured PIN numbers, police said.

Police have offered the following tips to protect you from falling victim to a skimming device:

  • Using ATM’s located inside buildings, banks, grocery stores etc. 
  • When you slide your debit card into the ATM, it should go in smoothly, if it is difficult to slide in, there may be an issue and the ATM should not be used. 
  • Cover your hand with your other hand when you enter your PIN number 
  • Monitor your credit card transactions daily and any unknown or fraudulent transactions should be reported immediately. 

If you have any information about a skimming device or the suspects in this case, call Green Bay Police Lt. Rick Belanger at (920) 448-3236.