Ashwaubenon to allow short-term rentals, per state law

Ashwaubenon, Wis. - Some homeowners near Lambeau Field leave houses empty, only renting them out on gameday. In response, the Village of Ashwaubenon tried to ban short-term rentals.

Politicians in Madison, as part of the state budget, have said that's not allowed.

Tailgating near Lambeau is a time-honored tradition.  Unfortunately, some in the area say the rise of short-term rentals catering to that tradition, is hurting the community, despite that privilege now being guaranteed to homeowners under state law.

"I want my neighborhood to be a neighborhood. I want to be able to go outside and know that the person next door to me and actually one of these houses is just next door. I want to know that there's somebody there all the time," said Linda Reising, an Ashwaubenon resident. 

"We need young children in our schools district. We have a fabulous school district and there's not a lot of houses in Ashwaubenon to purchase. So, we need students in our district," said Mary Kardoskee, Ashwaubenon Village president. 

But the Village Board had to match the local code with state law and did so in a meeting Friday morning.

The people who bought the so-called, “Party houses,” will have to follow regulations and pay fees but outside of that, board members say their hands are tied.

Kardoskee says she'll reach out to other municipalities who say they're also going to have issues with the new law.

Moving forward, the Village Board will talk about increasing restrictions on these short-term rentals, including requiring in writing who each renter is, how long a renter will stay and how much they paid.

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