Alderman Guy Zima's ethics hearing postponed

Green Bay, WIS. - The scheduled hearing in front of the city's ethics board, for Alderman Guy Zima, has been postponed again.

It has been rescheduled for April 30th, at Zima's request.


A postponed hearing on whether Green Bay Alderman Guy Zima violated the city's code of ethics will resume Wednesday. Zima is accused of bullying city employees and making inappropriate sexual comments. 

Zima denies all the claims lobbed at him, saying no city employee has filed a complaint against him. 

He says the accusations are coming from Mayor Jim Schmitt’s office.

Meanwhile, it was Alderwoman Barbara Dorff who filed the complaint that is leading Wednesday’s hearing. 

She says she did it on her own, without coordination from the mayor's office.

She's accusing Zima of a half-dozen misdeeds, including physically assaulting a city employee and asking another if she made a Kim Kardashian style sex tape.

Dorff even claims to have a 45 minute tape showing Zima behaving badly in public. 

The ethics board was supposed to meet last week but had to be postponed when two council-members on the board recused themselves because of conflicts of interest. 

It will try to meet again Wednesday at 5 p.m.

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