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McDonald's brings back 4-patty Big Mac for a limited time

McDonald's Double Big Mac, which contains four burger patties, will be available at U.S. locations in the coming weeks.
McDonald's brings back 4-patty Big Mac for a limited time
Posted at 8:28 AM, Jan 10, 2024

McDonald's announced on Tuesday that its four-patty Big Mac will return to restaurants for a limited time, four years after it first unveiled the limited-time menu item.

The Double Big Mac will be available at participating U.S. McDonald's locations starting Jan. 24. The chain did not say how long it will remain on the menu this time. 

The Double Big Mac is essentially the same as a standard Big Mac, except it has twice the beef. The Double Big Mac is served on a sesame seed bun with American cheese, chopped onions, shredded lettuce and pickles. 

When McDonald's previously unveiled the Double Big Mac in March 2020, it also released a smaller version of the Big Mac called the Little Mac. The Little Mac had one hamburger patty and did not contain a middle bun piece. Unfortunately, for those seeking a smaller Big Mac, the Little Mac will not be part of this release. 

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The Big Mac was placed on McDonald's menus nationwide in 1968, about 20 years after the restaurant chain opened. Jim Delligatti is credited with creating the first Big Mac. One year earlier, he introduced the Big Mac in his Uniontown, Pennsylvania, restaurant. 

"Though he’s no longer with us, we know his legacy will live on with the Big Mac sandwich. He knew customers wanted a bigger burger, so he spent weeks developing the new burger, experimenting with different buns and creating the Special Sauce,” said son Michael Delligatti. “He was all about giving the customer what they wanted."

Over the years, McDonald's has released numerous limited-time variations of the Big Mac. In 2017, McDonald's released the Grand Mac and Mac Jr. The Grand Mac was made with two larger burger patties, equaling one-third pound. The Mac Jr. was similar to the Little Mac in that it had one patty. 

The new Double Big Mac comes less than a year after McDonald's said it was revamping its burgers. The company announced in April 2023 it would use softer buns, cook the onions while the patty is still on the grill and add more Secret Sauce to its Big Macs. 

The Double Big Mac has 770 calories and 38 grams of protein. A standard Big Mac has 590 calories. 

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