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Last known living daughter of racing horse Secretariat dies at 34

A retired horse center was caring for the racing horse's child, named Trusted Company. Her death was reported by a journalist who followed her life.
Last known living daughter of racing horse Secretariat dies at 34
Posted at 4:30 PM, Sep 12, 2023

The last known living daughter of racing horse Secretariat, named Trusted Company, has died at 34, according to a journalist who followed her life.

The news was reported by Patricia McQueen, a photographer who had been following Secretariat's legacy and impact.

Bev Dee, the owner of Bright Futures Farm in Cochranton, Pennsylvania, had been taking care of Trusted Company since 2018. 

Earlier this year, Scripps News Lexington traveled to Pennsylvania to meet with Bev and Trusted Company.

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"When people come, she's the first one they go to and she gets more attention than everybody else when they get visitors," Dee said of Trusted Company. "Oh, they hugged her, they cried. Hugged her some more, fed her a lot of treats — but, she just had an impact I never thought she'd have."

Except for arthritis that sometimes caused a limp, Bev said Trusted Company was happy at the farm during her life there, and she was certainly friendly.

Dee said she hopes people will continue to support the other dozen senior horses at the farm, two of which were Trusted Company's herd-mates. Dee has been taking in retired horses for 23 years.

Bright Futures Farm has been taking care of horses living out their later years, but the farm also cares for other senior animals. 

Dee said there are about a dozen senior cats that need special care, and there is more information on Bright Future Farm's website

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