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ISIS official captured in US helicopter raid in Syria

U.S. Central Command said it conducted the successful mission capturing a facilitation official during an operation, with no civilian casualties.
ISIS official captured in US helicopter raid in Syria
Posted at 10:19 AM, Sep 30, 2023

U.S. military leaders announced on Saturday that a significant ISIS target was captured during an operation in Syria conducted on Thursday. 

U.S. Central Command said forces carried out a "successful helicopter raid" in northern Syria where an Islamic State facilitator, Mamduh Ibrahim al-haji Shaykh, was captured during a helicopter mission. 

No civilians were killed or injured during the raid, according to the U.S. military. 

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Lt. Col. Troy Garlock, a spokesperson for CENTCOM, said in a release, "USCENTCOM remains committed to the enduring defeat of ISIS."

On Monday, United States Central Command announced that forces were able to capture another ISIS official during a different helicopter raid also carried out in northern Syria. 

US Central Command said, "Abu Halil al-Fad'ani, an ISIS Syria Operational and Facilitation official, was captured during the raid. Al-Fad'ani was assessed to have relationships throughout the ISIS network in the region."

CENTCOM forces worked with coalition partners to conduct at least eight operations in Syria in August. During those missions at least seven ISIS operatives were detained, and an additional operative was killed, the U.S. military announced. 

The U.S. reported 28 partnered operations in Iraq in August where six ISIS operatives were killed and 18 were detained. 

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