Partners in Education: Wood working students

PULASKI, Wis. - Matt Baneenlantenberg, a senior at Pulaski high school said he started young, "I started falling in love with wood and it just kinda carried into high school, took woods 1 and woods 2 with Mr. Pitzen kinda just caried in ended up getting a job in cabinetry so it kinda just seemed like a good fit."

It was not only a good fit, but something students said they were born to do.

"I love making somethin then seeing people's faces when it's done, getting the pleasure of building something then completing it," said Baneenlantenberg.

And thanks to a course described, as Raider Product programs, 10 students get to purse their passion in a real life setting.

John Pitzen, wood tech, and engineering teacher, said, "it's a process of talking with the customer, going ahead and coming up with a design, a quote, and of course making the project." 

Pitzen said there are a lot of options for these students, too.

"If a student has good working skills they have a good eye, they have those basic mechanical skills that are required in a lot of those high demand high skill areas," said Pitzen.

"It's challenging," said Matt, "but you love what you do."

Talent, heart, and hard work, a combination to become sucessful.


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