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Harris helps push 'Bidenomics' as president's approval rating lingers

The White House is pushing its "Bidenomics" branding as efforts to ease inflation still see voters worried about an uncertain economic future.
Harris helps push 'Bidenomics' as president's approval rating lingers
Posted at 6:58 PM, Jul 14, 2023

The Biden administration has sought to promote President Biden's economic agenda, dubbed "Bidenomics", across the United States. 

Since June 26, 2023, Biden administration officials have traveled across the country for a second round of the "Investing in America" tour. The president kicked off the tour at the White House, promoting broadband investments in his infrastructure plan.  

Biden’s economic plan wants to focus on the middle class by growing the economy from the middle out and not the bottom up, the president says. 

The pitch features, at least in part, some big branding

There could be one problem, according to Jennifer Stromer-Galley of Syracuse University's School of Information Studies. 

"For Biden, in order to push a positive economic message, it would be helpful if there were a clear economic picture, and there is not," she told Marketplace. 

The administration wants to convince voters that the plan could be a break from trickle-down economics.  

First lady Jill Biden and Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona are out helping to push their view of the economic plan in states including New York and Pennsylvania. 

Vice President Kamala Harris ended a Friday tour in Baltimore by giving remarks on environmental justice at Coppin State University. 

Harris, who was accompanied by EPA Administrator Michael Regan, focused her message to voters on the Inflation Reduction Act and its dedication to fighting climate change. The administration says it plans to invest $20 billion with nonprofits, community lenders, and other financial institutions.  

The money will be invested in community climate projects and is meant to go to people in the community who do not have the resources to adequately implement climate solutions, the vice president said.  

Over the last year, supply-chain issues due to the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with high gas prices, have impacted Americans' wallets. 

The White House says inflation on all goods has decreased over the last 12 months from 9% to 3%. 

The Biden administration has taken credit for these changes, and for the last three weeks has been selling its plan as being the best for the economy. 

The administration has also watched the president's approval ratings dip significantly amid ongoing anxiety among voters about the direction in which the economy is going. 

During the Investing in America tour, Biden will have to make arguments for why his economic plan is effective for the country’s future.  

Todd Belt, political management program director at George Washington University, says campaigning on the branding of "Bidenomics" could be a challenge. 

"It's risky because while it is true that people are still dissatisfied, even though inflation has slowed down, people are still paying more for goods and services," Belt said. 

Only 34% of Americans approve of Biden's economic leadership in a recent poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Still, the administration persists with its initiatives, two of which may have a positive effect on the economy, Belt said. 

"What will make a difference is the infrastructure bill, [which] will create more jobs and will make it easier for goods and services to get to market. And the broadband initiative will make it easier for consumers to purchase or sell through the internet," he said.

This article is from Scripps News Washington's Zoie Lambert and Scripps News Staff.

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