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Ford recalls 456,000 Maverick, Bronco Sport cars for power loss risk

The company said there is the possibility that the engine might lose power while customers are driving Maverick trucks and Bronco Sport SUVs.
Ford recalls 456,000 Maverick, Bronco Sport cars for power loss risk
Posted at 9:35 PM, Apr 17, 2024

Automaker Ford has issued a significant recall of about 456,000 vehicles that include its 2022-2023 Maverick pickup trucks and its 2021–2024 model Bronco Sport SUVs.

The company said that there is a power loss risk with the cars, urging drivers to comply with the recall because of the possibility the engine may lose power while driving. 

According to Consumer Reports, a power loss while operating the vehicles could cause serious safety issues including drivers not having the ability to keep up with fast-moving traffic, which could cause a crash.  

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Consumer reports said there have been 917 warranty claims and no confirmed injuries or crashes related to the problem outlined in the recall. 

In a recall report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said an insufficient calibration strategy for detecting sudden battery degradations could be part of the problem. 

Customers are asked to take their vehicles to a dealer to have them recalibrate the vehicles involved in the recall at no cost. As of Wednesday, there was no software update available, according to a Ford spokesperson who spoke to The Associated Press

One user on the website Bronco Sport Forum asked if drivers would be able to "safely coast to a stop" during a power loss "or will the vehicle lock" its wheels. It was unclear, as the driver said they had not found anything addressing the issue in the manual. 

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