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Father speaks on daughter shot, killed for turning into wrong driveway

More charges are possible for a man in upstate New York who shot and killed a woman for turning into his driveway. Her father expressed his grief.
Father speaks on daughter shot, killed for turning into wrong driveway
Posted at 8:31 PM, Apr 20, 2023

A father expressed his grief to the media after a New York man shot and killed his daughter as she and her boyfriend were simply turning around in his driveway in their car. 

"For this man to sit on his porch and fire at a car with no threat, just angers me so badly — and I just hope to God that he dies in jail," said Andrew Gillis, the father of Kaylin Gillis.

The 20-year-old woman was in a car with her boyfriend driving in a rural part of upstate New York, trying to find a friend's house, with no mobile phone reception. 

They turned up a long driveway, and are said to have possibly realized they were at the wrong home and began turning around. That is when 65-year-old Kevin Monahan is accused of firing multiple shots at the car with his gun, hitting Kaylin and killing her. 

“My friend said, ‘They're shooting — go!’ I tried to step on the gas as fast as I could, and that's when the fatal shot came through. I want to believe it was instant. I'm hoping it was. I'm praying it was," said Blake Walsh, Kaylin's boyfriend, who was driving.  

Walsh made the comments to NBC News. 

Monahan faces a second-degree murder charge. 

Prosecutors say Monahan had a reputation, being a longtime resident of Washington County. Monahan's attorney told CNN that Monahan  has no criminal history, adding that he was angry that the driver of the car was revving the engine and he felt threatened by that. 

Monahan's attorney said "He feels horrible that a young girl's life was lost."

Gillis' dad said, "She was so smart. She was so smart, kind, loving, she had so many friends."

The family was planning to move to Florida together at the end of the year, and Kaylin wanted to study marine biology. Her father said she had plans to marry her boyfriend. 

"He's an amazing young man ... and I would have loved that," her father said. 

Instead the young woman lost her life for making a wrong turn, into the wrong driveway. 

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