In Real Life: Under the Helmet

There have only been two women to race in Formula 1 in the sport's history. But a new generation of female drivers is about to take the wheel.
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Posted at 7:18 PM, Jun 02, 2024

As a historic 2024 racing season gets underway, longstanding gender barriers in motorsports are being challenged, as a growing number of women take their place behind the wheel and in the garage.

After decades of access limitations due to hurdles like the high cost of competing, lack of sponsors willing to invest in female drivers and equipment designed with male bodies in mind — drivers like Jamie Chadwick and Lia Block are fighting their way up the ranks, looking for a spot on the podium.

In this episode of “In Real Life,” ESPN senior writer Alyssa Roenigk takes audiences along for the ride as she introduces us to the women and race series ushering in a new chapter of racing.