Celebrating 'Fat Tuesday' with paczkis in Northeast Wisconsin

Posted at 8:54 AM, Mar 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-05 09:54:56-05

PULASKI, Wis. — Weeks before 'Fat Tuesday' Smurawa's country Bakery begins taking numerous orders for fresh paczkis for what the small business has coined as 'Paczki Day.'

This is the 20th year that the bakery has been supplying the sweet tooth of Northeast Wisconsin residents.

They have 18 different flavors but the top five are raspberry, apple, french cream, cherry, and prune.

Last year Smurawa's sold over 36,000 paczki. This year they hope to sell even more.

Whether your sweet tooth desires some donuts, a chocolate bar, or some ice cream, enjoy it on this Fat Tuesday.