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Baker may have lost diamond in batch of cookies sold to customers

A bakery owner says her wedding ring diamond is worth more than $4,000 and hasn't left her hand for 36 years.
Baker may have lost diamond in batch of cookies sold to customers
Posted at 1:11 PM, Apr 11, 2024

A baker in Kansas was at a loss when she realized the diamond from her wedding ring was missing after working on batches of cookie dough.

Dawn Monroe, owner of Sis' Sweets Cookies and Café, told local news stations that the missing center diamond was picked out by her husband nearly 40 years ago.

“I was crying, and all he could say was, ‘You still have me,’ so that made it all better,” Monroe told KMBC. 

Monroe issued a call to customers to check for her diamond in their baked goods.

“My heart is beyond broken. It’s been on my hand for 36 years,” she wrote in a post from her bakery’s Facebook page. “If you happened [to] find it, I would forever be in debt if you would return it. It’s a marquis cut. I’m sorry if you find it but I don’t take my ring off for anything.” 

A photo showed a gold band on Monroe's hand with a hole where the center diamond should be. The post received hundreds of shares online.

Monroe also told KMBC she was worried a customer could bite into it.

“I didn’t want anybody to break a tooth,” she said.

She told the station it could be in a batch of chocolate chip, sugar or peanut butter cookies.

Monroe said the diamond is worth more than $4,000, and she is offering a reward for its return. 

"I would definitely make it worth your while bringing it back," Monroe told KMBC with a laugh. 

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