Michael Fish

Michael Fish joined NBC26 in May 2017 as the meteorologist for NBC26 Today.

Michael is a Wisconsin native, born and raised in Fond du Lac.

While storm spotting in 1996 and experiencing the massive Oakfield, F5 tornado he knew he wanted to obtain a better understanding of Meteorology. 

After completing his undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, "Fish" as most people call him, came back to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to work on his Master's Degree in Atmospheric Science. 

This Wisconsin education led to an internship opportunity with 36-year veteran John Malan at Today's TMJ4 in Milwaukee. Michael was lucky enough to be offered a position with TMJ4, while he was still going to school, as well as teaching Meteorology lab classes at UWM.

Fish had an almost 10-year career forecasting the weather at TMJ4 for the Milwaukee area and a nearly 5-year stint forecasting for our very own NBC26 in Green Bay.

Favorite thing about Northeast Wisconsin: My favorite thing about Northeast Wisconsin, besides the ever-changing weather, is the people. I don't believe you can find kinder, more personable and authentic people... who also are obsessed with the weather.

Favorite sport or sports team: I was born and raised in Wisconsin. This should be a no-brainer: Packers Football. Enough said. Though I do like watching car races at Road America.

Favorite movie: This is a tough one. It's a 3-way tie between "Contact," "Interstellar," and "2001." Either way, you can see my genre of choice.

Favorite vacation spot: Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on earth with surprisingly great food! No, I have not worn a kilt.... yet.

Something most people don't know about me: I am obsessed with cars and boats. I can tell you just about anything, about any car or boat on the market from how many horsepower each one has, to exactly how much fuel they use.

A cause I’m passionate about: A cause close to home for myself and my wife is animal adoption. Your local humane society is a wonderful resource, the Oshkosh Humane Society is where we recently found the newest member of our family. 

Best part about my job: Watching people smile when the forecast impacted their life in a positive way. Wisconsin is full of people who love to be outside, which makes an accurate forecast something I take great pride in. That's why I do it.

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