Woman accused of abusing three adopted children

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Accusations range from physical and mental abuse, to child neglect, and inappropriate sexual touching.

Sharon Windey's three adoptive children said she and her family harmed them for a decade.

Windey, a former Wisconsin State Trooper, appeared from jail in Brown County court Thursday.

She's facing twelve counts related to the alleged abuse, including strangulation, battery, and child neglect.

Her husband, Donald Windey, is also charged with eleven crimes; he appeared in court Friday.

A 42-page criminal complaint details the allegations, including the family's adoptive children describing an incident in February.

They said an argument became extremely physical, with Sharon Windey chocking a child and lifting her off the ground.

The complaint describes that incident as the final one but far from the only one.

Allegations also accuse Windey and her family members of forcing a child to eat oatmeal that had been thrown up.

Another child describes being forced to strip, and at other times being touched and forced to kiss members of Windey's family.

One of the children tells police that they will never be safe with Windey in the house.

Sharon Windey will appear in court again March 15.

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