WPS mistakenly shuts off power to farm and house after blizzard

EGG HARBOR, Wis. - UPDATE 10:42 p.m.: A WPS spokesman says the utility restored power to the home at 10:30 Monday night and apologized for the inconvenience.


A Wisconsin Public Service spokesman says it’s extending the heat moratorium. 

He says WPS will not be disconnecting any customer’s heat or electricity Monday or Tuesday If they're behind on their bills.

However, some people in Door County say their electricity and heat were shut off.

Tricia Markham says she paid to restore power to the farm she operates and an older couples home, the same day Wisconsin Public Service shut it off.

“I feel I paid for a service but didn't get it. I feel robbed. A theft is how I feel," said Markham.

Normally, Markham’s barn stalls would be filled with 20 cows ready to be milked, but that takes electricity. Markham says without milking them, they could get sick and that could affect her livelihood.

"This is not right. Not with the service guy sitting in our yard. He could have walked 30 feet and plugged it back in," said Markham.

Markham admits she got the WPS employee out to the farm by making a false report of a downed wire.

"This was an emergency. I felt this was an emergency,” said Markham. 

A WPS spokesman says in a statement: 

We are working to correct this situation.

We are working to restore service to this customer and certainly apologize for the situation that has happened.

The other thing I'd really like to get across. This is an example of why customers need to reach out to us as soon as they can if they received a disconnection notice.  We make every effort to keep our customers connected to our system but also need customers to contact us to work with us in that process.

WPS says if you have fallen behind on your electric bill, you can follow this link or call them at 800-450-7260 to set up payment arrangements. 

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