Fort McCoy accepts claims from those affected by 3,100-acre wildfire

If you sustained any property damage or personal injury as a result of the fire, you can file a claim with the Army base.
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Posted at 1:01 PM, Apr 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-21 14:01:07-04

FORT MCCOY, Wis. — One week after a massive wildfire burned 3,100 acres of land in Monroe County, Fort McCoy military base is accepting claims for damage.

The fire began at the north end of Fort McCoy and initially sparked voluntary evacuations.

No one was injured in the fire, but at least three structures were damaged and one shed was destroyed.

Fort McCoy posted on social media on the day the fire started, saying the Army National Guard was conducting controlled burn training exercises.

"We do know that we were doing prescribed burns," shared Major General Matthew Baker with Ft. McCoy. "Risk assessments were done, evaluations were done— we have no further confirmation on how this is going, but we are going to do a really in-depth investigation on this."

Whether or not the controlled burns caused the wildfire, has not been determined. Major General Baker said this fire is happening during the height of training season and will affect the base's plans for this weekend.

Fort McCoy Senior Commander Maj. Gen. Matthew Baker expressed his condolences to those who were displaced or otherwise affected as a result of the fire.

He said that the Army and Fort McCoy value their long-standing relationship with local communities. He said that “our Soldiers and civilian workforce are your family members, friends and neighbors, who live, work and play within your community.”

The exact cause of the fire is under investigation. Now, however, anyone who was injured or sustained property damage can file a claim through the claims office at the base. Information about filing a claim is available online here.

If you have further questions regarding a claim you can email or call 608-388-2165.