Sheboygan Common Council votes against resolution on undocumented immigrants

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. - The Sheboygan Common Council voted against a resolution Monday that would allow Sheboygan Police to detain people who don't provide proof of U.S. citizenship.

Resolution 200 failed with a vote of 14-1 against it.

To the overflow crowd of protestors against Resolution 200, it was news they were hoping to hear.

"It says although some are not supporting of us, there are people that do support us, there are people who do want us here, there are people who are willing to fight with us," said Alma Torres.

Those against the resolution said it was discriminatory.

"Our government should be about community, not about hate or racial profiling which I think will be a big thing with this," said Lisa Reynoso, who was against the resolution.

The only alderman who voted for the resolution was also the one behind it, Job Hou-Seye.

"The purpose of the resolution is nothing more and nothing less than that we are putting forth a statement that we want our police to be following federal law," he said. "We are not asking that they should be doing anything they're not doing already."

President Donald Trump said in an executive order that he would not provide federal funding to sanctuary cities. Hou-Seye said that money is needed by the city and he's just trying to make sure it keeps coming in.

"We are very dependent on federal money that we can get, so we can't be jeopardizing those monies in any way," Hou-Seye said.

However, the rest of the Common Council disagreed, voting against the resolution Monday.

With Resolution 200 behind them, protestors said they're happy to move on, but will continue fighting against what they see as injustice.

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