Danz Elementry students learn mindfulness through yoga

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Elementary students in the Green Bay area are learning to deal with challenges that come their way through mindfulness.

A new program spearheaded by the school counselor and school social worker offers a 30-minute yoga lesson to students.

“We talk about mindfulness being; you focus on the present moment.  So when you're reading, you're just reading, and when you’re eating, you're just eating,” said school social worker Anne Priyadarshane.

Priyadarshane says yoga not only helps kids focus in class, but teaches them how to handle emotions like anger or anxiety.

“Finding your breath and using your breath as a tool and using the inhale and the exhale can really relieve some of that anxiety and bring your stress levels down,” said Priyadarshane.

The Shopko Foundation donated $500 to the school to purchase yoga mats and blocks to accommodate large classes.

Each session Priyadarshane and the school counselor host students asked what they learned. 

“I think it will help me stay more focused and relax me a bit more,” said Adison Mcgrath. 

“This one wasn't all about winning or losing it was about focusing on what you’re doing then and there," Yakatahawin Zacaeias added.

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