Key pieces of evidence revealed in Burch Trial

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Doug Detrie returned to the witness stand on Thursday, where the defense questioned him about the morning after Nicole VanderHeyden's disappearance.

Detrie said he figured VanderHeyden was sleeping off a hangover at a friends place, so he waited until the afternoon to contact anybody.

The defense noted that in the days that followed, Detrie declined to give a DNA sample to investigators and was arrested. But Detrie told prosecutors that he was never charged in VanderHeyden's death.

The prosecution then called witnesses who interviewed Detrie. Officers describing his reaction to hearing a body had been found with characteristics similar to his girlfriends.

"He broke down, broke down and cried," Detective Lee Kingston said. "Again, what I would consider acting appropriately."

Testimony then shifted away from Detrie and onto his home and neighborhood, where a neighbor found a key piece of evidence.

"I heard a click," neighbor Matthew Peterson said. "It sounded like the blade of my lawn mower hitting something, and I shut my lawnmower off and found a cord."

VanderHeyden may have died from strangulation. Neighbors also saw blood near the street. Investigators found evidence too.

"Individual pieces of hair that were stuck in the dried brownish red substance that was consistent with blood," investigator Monica Janke said.

They also found hair in nearby grass. The scene near the Detrie home is believed to be where VanderHeyden was killed. The couple lived together.


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