Incarcerated Veterans get a second chance at a better life

Many brave men and women who've served our country end up behind bars. The Department of Corrections says their ultimate goal is to make sure these veterans stay on the right path.

"Sometimes it feels like a person is forgot about when they come here," said Jeremy Forseth

The Oshkosh Correctional Institution is Forseth's home for now.. He was once a member of the Marine Corps, donning a uniform of a patriot. Now he's wearing a green jumpsuit.

"I did two tours in Africa, came home 6 months later, found myself in this environment," said Forseth

He says he had his own landscaping company, but a combination of substance abuse and what he calls unfair business trade put him behind bars.  He says now that's in the rear view mirror

"I deserve a chance, just like anybody does," said Forseth.

On Wednesday morning the Department of Corrections gave Forseth and other incarcerated veterans that chance by hosting an expo, helping these men with housing, healthcare, and finding a job for their transition to life after prison.

"People make mistakes. I don't think and I routinely tell the staff, there was only one guy that walked this earth that was perfect," said Dan Zimmerman, Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

While Forseth is determined to get his life back on track, the Department of Corrections says they're looking at the bigger picture.

"Everything we do should be focused on that, in lowering incarceration rates and keeping individuals in their communities," said Jon Litscher, Secretary of Dept. of Corrections.

Now that he has help, Forseth's confident he won't wear the green jumpsuit ever again..

"I'm forty years young. I'm tired of this. I'm tired of this life style," said Forseth.

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