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Lindsey Stenger



Lindsey joined the NBC 26 News Team after beginning her career with our sister station in Great Falls, Montana. During her time in Montana, Lindsey covered everything from droughts and grasshoppers destroying agriculture, to Native American injustices on the surrounding reservations.

Lindsey grew up in a small central Pennsylvania town and graduated from Waynesburg University.

From a young age, Lindsey knew she was meant for a career that involved talking to people, considering all of her report card critiques said, “talk too much." Once she found a passion for visual storytelling, it was a match made in reporter heaven.

Although she's not the biggest football fan out there, she is excited to get to know the Green Bay area and might even be convinced to make the Packers her NFC team - right behind her hometown Steelers.

Lindsey will be covering Green Bay's economic development, health, recreation, and entertainment. When she isn't working, you can find her in the batting cages, running around with her dog, or on roller skates!

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