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  1. Yesterday
  2. 11:43 p.m.Search for Two Rivers Armed Robbery Suspect
  3. 11:25 p.m.The Maino Project: Barriers Knocked Down for Local Disabled Hunters
  4. 11:17 p.m.Neenah Walmart Shooting Suspect Competent to Stand Trial
  5. 11:08 p.m.Students Wear Black in Honor of Shawano Co. Crash Victims
  6. 9:17 p.m.Refugees Share Their Stories in Appleton
  7. 8:52 p.m.Time to get your Sturgeon Spearing License
  8. 7:08 p.m.Volleyball Team Shows Support for Teens Killed in Shawano Co. Crash
  9. 6:18 p.m.Monroe Avenue is Open for Business Once Again
  10. 5:48 p.m.A New Future For A Local Landmark
  11. 4:22 p.m.NBC News: Who's buying the oil that makes ISIS millions?
  12. 1:39 p.m.WI Tonight: “Take Back the Night” to Honor Berlin Domestic Violence Homicide Victims
  13. 1:25 p.m.WI Tonight: Local World Series Connections
  14. 8:53 a.m.EPA asked to investigate groundwater contamination
  15. 8:47 a.m.ThedaCare to build cancer center in Appleton
  1.  One's First Tweet! Queen Makes First Twitter Post
  2.  'I Told Him He Was Loved': Bystander to Dying Soldier
  3.  NYPD Cop Attacked With Hatchet, Suspect Shot Dead
  4.  Chuck Todd: Takeaways From 'Meet the Voters' in Iowa
  5.  Don't Panic: Why Ebola Won't Become an Epidemic in New York
  6.  'Epidemic of Fear': Shrugs, Jitters at NYC Ebola Case
  7.  Trapped Again: Yazidis Fear New ISIS Onslaught in Iraq
  8.  $50,000 Reward to Find Killer of Girl Shot Outside Home
  9.  Girl, 4, Found Dead at NYC Homeless Shelter: Cops
  10.  What More Can We Do? ISIS Hostage's Mom Makes New Plea
  11.  Frank Mankiewicz, Aide to Robert Kennedy, Dies at 90
  12.  After Ebola Diagnosis, Shrugs and Fear in New York City
  13.  Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola in New York City
  14.  Parents Back Teen Accused of Plotting to Kill Them
  15.  Critics Slam EU's New Deal on 40 Percent Carbon Cut
  16.  Cabbage Patch Kid: Girl Fights Hunger With Crops
  17.  'Compelled': Ebola Survivor Tells Why He Went to Liberia
  18.  Brian Williams: Zuckerberg Shows Off His Mandarin Skills
  19.  Amazon Fire Phone Proves to Be an Expensive Flop
  20.  What You Need to Know About the Battle Over Voting Laws
  21.  School Shifts Gears After NBC Synthetic Turf Report
  22.  Microsoft Co-Founder Bumps Ebola Effort to $100 Million
  23.  Single Case of Ebola Confirmed in West Africa's Mali
  24.  Plane-Copter Collision Kills Three in Maryland
  25.  Dying Woman Slams Doc on Assisted-Suicide Remarks

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WIAA announces high school football playoff matchups

10:12 AM 224 high schools around Southeastern Wisconsin will play for seven WIAA football championships in the next five weekends.
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WIAA announces high school football playoff matchups

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