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  1. 5:37 a.m.Naked man tased after causing major crash on I-43
  2. 5:23 a.m.1 killed, 14 injured in 3-vehicle crash
  3. 5:12 a.m.Calif. dolls were meant to spread cheer, not chill
  4. 5:06 a.m.Don't bring border kids to Wisconsin
  5. Yesterday
  6. 11:16 p.m.Hops on the Hill Raises Money for Education
  7. 11:06 p.m.WPS Warning Customers About Scam
  8. 10:48 p.m.Green Bay Man Dies in Marinette County After High-Speed Chase
  9. 9:20 p.m.New Projects in the Works for Downtown Oshkosh
  10. 6:55 p.m.Basler Flight Providing Fuel For AirVenture
  11. 6:19 p.m.Some Turn to “Selfie Surgery” to look Better on Social Media
  12. 6:10 p.m.More Wisconsin Families Qualify for Free School Lunch
  13. 10:48 a.m.Thousands hear optimistic message for Packers at shareholders meeting
  14. 10:45 a.m.Student Vaccinations on parents 'To Do' list before school starts in Wisconsin
  15. 5:26 a.m.Wisconsin to stop enforcing birth control law
  16. 5:16 a.m.Claude Allouez roundabout to close
  17. 5:07 a.m.Minivan strikes motorcycle injuring driver
  1.  Family Detentions Revived by Border Crisis
  2.  Israel Braces for 'Day of Rage' After Deadly Overnight Protests
  3.  Give Us Humanitarian Corridor for Wounded, UN Pleads
  4.  'Weather Conditions' Brought Down Vanishing Jet
  5.  Smarter Smartphones: What Is a Kill Switch?
  6.  This View Over Gaza May Explain Death Toll
  7.  This Governor Makes Half as Much as One Jail Warden
  8.  Awe-Inspiring Aerial Images of Washington Fire
  9.  Huge Anti-Israel Protests Turn Deadly; 200 Wounded
  10.  Phillies Star to Fans: You're Not Booing Me Enough
  11.  Best Team in Baseball Cursed With Worst Stadium?
  12.  'Creepy' Dolls on Doorsteps Mystery Solved
  13.  Southwest Is Sucking Its Groundwater Dry: Researchers
  14.  'He Was a Creep': Hospital Shooting Suspect Called Abusive
  15.  U.S. General: Putin May 'Light a Fire' He Can't Control
  16.  Smartphone Study Shows How Life Hits Us in the Gut
  17.  Man Mistakenly Shot in Dorner Manhunt to get $1.8M
  18.  Study Tracks Neonic Pesticides in Iowa Waters
  19.  Watch Cops Track Down Suspected Carjacker
  20.  Spanish Pilgrimage City Celebrates Saint James' Day
  21.  'Shocked and Appalled': UN Chief Condemns School Shelling
  22.  Porcelain Dolls Resembling Daughters Appear at Homes
  23.  Batman Leads With Chin in New Movie Image
  24.  Whoa! These Mirrored Buildings Blend into Their Surroundings
  25.  Israeli Strike Hits U.N. School, Killing At Least 15

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11:00 PM KAUKAUNA, Wis -- It's Thursday Night Thunder and Sports Showdown brings live coverage of WIR racing on My New 32! It's was a calm night on the tracks with only minor bumps and spinouts for most of the night. There was a great crowd and excellent weather for the event. Join Sports Showdown for more Thursday Night Thunder on August 7th, 6:30pm - 9:30pm!
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